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Whodathunk! Seems heartbreaks and headaches have more in common then we thought! When my heart was breaking and my head exploding with self-doubt, hurt and wondering how, why etc.  I reached for libations and tons of tissues to deal with my hurt–not to mention bouts of retail therapy i’m driving Uber at nites to repay. But seems relief is in our medicine cabinet according to a New York Times article! According to the article “research published in 2010, scientists found that acetaminophen can reduce physical and neural responses associated with the pain of social rejection, whether in romantic relationships, friendships or otherwise.” So next time you or someone you know is hurting from heartache reach for the Tylenol! Tequila optional 🙂 But, ALWAYS do so responsibly as NO breakup is worth risking your health and time really does help heal all…really!


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