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So today i was indulging in some retail therapy @Macy’s when i came (pardon the pun as you’ll see why in a moment) across an interesting beauty product called “Better Then Sex Mascara’ from a company named “Two-Faced”.  Hmmm a solution for better (and safe) sex with a ‘wand’ and from a company who’s name conjures up ‘cheater’–Clearly it was worthy of a Boyfriend Cleanz investigation!  So I went up to the counter and started chatting with the 40-something year old sales lady,  “I’m probably not the first to ask and be more then a bit skeptical, but have you tried it and is it really better then sex’?  To which she smiled and replied, “That would require me remembering the last time i had sex LOL …kidding aside they did a consumer study and  3.4 out of 10 women say great lashes are better than sex’.  3.4? Not exactly a resounding YES! But at $12 I figured i had little to loose and great sex or lashes to gain! SOLD!

And so begins my affair with my new Mascara…I’ll let you know how and if  this new relationship works out in the days and weeks to come (forgive the pun again) …Til then I’m gonna continuing perfecting my Better then Sex Oreo Brownie Recipe and watch Meg Ryan’s classic orgasm scene at Katz’s deli  in ‘When Harry Met Sally’…stay tuned!


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