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6 Holiday Tips To Help You Have a Ho Ho Happier EX-Mas!

Merry holiday season, my kindred break-up friends! Time to celebrate that your ex picked one of the suckiest and “jiltiest” times of the year to dump you. Rather than wallowing in heartache, we’re gonna turn your ho-ho hurt into one of the “holliest” and jolliest times of the year! In fact, we’re going to give the X in “Xmas” a whole new meaning — by celebrating that this Christmas your EX has given you the best present you’ll receive: Your sense of self and sass back.

To do this, I’ve put your “Ex-mas Boyfriend Cleanz” into a holiday edition “break-over,” starting with a little detox in a classic She Knows post  : 6 ways to help get you through the initial shock, hurt, self-pity and desire to be naughty not nice. (You’ll do it without being arrested, going bankrupt or entering rehab or witness protection!) which will bring a ‘lil joy to your newly singly and soon will be wonderful world!

Next up your holiday Reboot!



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