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BEAUTY: Cosmo’s Carpe PM Hangover Hacks

Happy morning after…as in after a wild eve of a little too much Lady Antebellum-ish Hey Bartender …You ’slipped on your fave dress, stilletos ‘n got a lot lost with” another round of crown”.  ‘Twas a perfect way to ‘kiss the past goodbye’ or at least temporarily blur your memories…at least until today with a hurtin head to match your hurting’ heart plus the other gifts a nite of pity-partying can deliver. So as your head throbs and you drag yourself to the nearest Starbucks for that  double Expresso latte (with your Sunglasses on to mask those puffy blood-shot, contacts still in eyes ) I share some hangover hacks courtesy of my fab ‘n fab Cosmoplitan.com!


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