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Get Your Sense of Self ‘n Sass Back


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Real-ationship Advice


Get Your Sense of Self ‘n Sass Back

Welcome to Boyfriend Cleanz!  Your online break-up and break-over community to help you get through and beyond your break-up with a boyfriend, spouse or partner with real-life help, hope and humor.


Time to ‘cleanz’ yourself of all your toxic feelings of and for him: throw pity parties; eat bags of Oreos, indulge in retail therapy. Let it flow and let him go.


Time to focus on YOU. No more allowing your thoughts and emotions to be dominated and/or haunted by him. You’re still emotionally raw so slippage is probable and more then ok.


Time to celebrate YOU! You’ve gotten your sense of self ‘n sass back. You’re smiling. You’ve learned to forgive but not forget. It’s time now to explore new worlds and realize new dreams.

Ask Julie

Have questions about your break-up, how to get your sense of self ‘n sass back, being single again and your readiness to date again ‘n kiss some new frogs? Ask me!! I’ll share “real-ationship” advice and support with a dose of humor and hope to help you

Music Video

Get ready to sing along with the Boyfriend Cleanz anthem! Think of a pop-song that blends Meghan Trainor’s “Lips are Moving’ with Pharell’s “Happy’ cause Boyfriend Cleanz is all about surviving, smiling, thriving and being happy again! Listen up!

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